What is the series about?

The Hot Hatch Cup was formed as a way to fill the clear growing gap in racing that exists for actual budget racing, with rules to ensure budget and rule bending stands no chance of constantly winning races. The Hot Hatch Cup is Affordable, Fun and Fair! You could get yourself on track for as little as $7,000 depending on your choice of vehicle and race/safety equipment.

As all entered cars are “Teams”, you are welcome to enter up to 3 drivers in a team to share a vehicle and all get involved in racing. You are welcome to have 1, 2 or 3 drivers in your “Team”. Team Drivers will need to be nominated for qualifying and races prior to qualifying per round and no changes may occur to the team, or allocated drivers at any time after being submitted. Only the allocated team members may drive for the season, and only 1 driver form this team can be on track at a time (no sharing drivers in between teams).

We will run 5 rounds for this year at Lakeside Park & Queensland Raceway and all who enter/race are eligible for the championship points, we will look to grow to 6 rounds per year and include Morgan Park to our Tracks. Awards will be given out at each round for winners, driver of the weekend and an overall presentation with awards for the Hot Hatch Cup.

What cars can Enter?

The general list of cars that can enter the series are Small Australian Delivered Hatchbacks as produced during 2002-2009. We have compiled a list of eligible vehicles, as well as their specifics and minimum race weights here:


So I have my car, what can I do to get it ready to get on track?

As with any race series, there are certain safety requirements that are needed in order to race your car in door to door racing. Your vehicle will need to meet the safety requirements as set out in the Regs and Sup Regs for the series.

As we will run mostly under Racer’s events, all licensing and documents relating to the events can be found online at: https://racers.world/

All drivers will be required to hold, at a minimum, a National Level Racer’s license to race at Queensland Raceway and Lakeside Park. Any rounds held at other race tracks will have seperate requirements to be confirmed for their rounds.

Our series also runs a control coilover and control tyre, all tyres and coilovers must be ordered through Skid Control directly by email to info@skidcontrol.com.au and will be invoiced including GST. All controlled items are marked for the series. Coilovers are DGR Track Spec which are $1,450 including delivery to you or your chosen workshop withing Greater Brisbane. Tyres are Nankang NS2R (180TW) in 195/50/15 at $124 per tyre. Tyres are limited to 6 per round, practice unmarked tyres are also available but unmarked.

We recommend the following fitment centers:
Keith 4 Wheels (Brisbane South Side) (FREE delivery)
Queensland Raceway  (West Side) (FREE delivery)
Tyre City Tingalpa (Brisbane East Side) (FREE delivery)
Bob Jane Strathpine (North Side) (FREE delivery)
Tyres Plus Burleigh (Gold Coast) (FREE delivery)
Phat Wheels (Sunshine Coast) (+$13.50 for delivery)
RR Tyres Toowoomba (Downs Region) (FREE delivery)

Our preferred supplier for Roll Cages is AGI Roll Cages and Scott’s Rods and they are offering a discount to all series drivers that have signed up and are on the driver’s list. The only requirement is that if you run either of their cages, that you run the relevant sticker for the cage in your vehicle. All cages are to be minimum National Spec and the cage supplier will be able to confirm minimum requirements at the time of cage build.

What do I need to do to get on track?

All drivers will be required to hold, at a minimum, a National Level Racer’s license to race at Queensland Raceway and Lakeside Park. Any rounds held at other race tracks will have seperate requirements to be confirmed for their rounds.

All Drivers are required to have full approved head to toe covering Race Suits, Boots, Underwear, Helmet and Gloves. It is also now a requirement to wear a HANS device and we HIGHLY recommend using a side head support structure seat.

How much does it cost to race?

Every driver needs to sign up for a membership for the year to compete in the series, membership is $120 for the year and includes all required sponsorship and windscreen stickers required to be displayed by all vehicles to qualify for championship points.

Entry to all rounds of the Hot Hatch Cup will be detailed per round on the Facebook group and costs will vary but generally cost around $350 per round.

What are the Rules?

As the Hot Hatch Cup is focused on budget, fun and fair racing, we carry a set of very strict and limiting rules to ensure anyone can enter and be competitive!

We run on the same rules and regs as set out in the Motorsport Australia Group 3E – Series Production Car Regulations as found at: https://29b40f37-a33a-4be0-846c-e9db0b549c1b.filesusr.com/ugd/ce9911_2ef762c5bdfb4f188c505f7c6b2af855.pdf

We carry our own set of Supplementary Regulations and they are numbered to match the Motorsport Australia documentation. Our Supplementary Regulations take precedence over all rules as set out in the 3E document. Thy are numbered accordingly and can be found at:


How do I Sign Up and secure a Race Number?

We have a list of all entered drivers/teams, their cars and set race numbers which can be seen at:


To sign up as a driver/team for the year, fill out the following form, give us two preferred race numbers and make payment for your membership on the form. Numbers are set per team and each driver needs to sign up for membership:


We look forward to seeing you at the most attractive Racing Category to hit Queensland. Let’s get out, race and have fun!